Babbly Louna

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mardi, janvier 30, 2007

Those cutie and heartwarmie ma-ma-ma and pa-pa-pa are starting to take form. They start to make sense, literally. Here are some of Louna's faves:

- PAPA : it could mean just about anything, from Dad to how are you to I want that (while pointing her finger onto something). When we were onboard the plane, she was babbling papa to everybody (with the intonation of ça va? in french). It's her way to ask if everything was alright.

- MAMA : generally means I want food. She generally walks up to the kitchen and goes directly to her high chair. She would then look at me and say mama. Or if she's already eating and you don't match her pace, she would say mamama to tell you I wan't some more!

- TATATA : it's the lyrics of all her songs. Yes, she loves singing.

- TETITE : for her doudou and all the dogs in town (it's because her yaya's dog is named Pepite). I was once with my friends and she called them tetite so they asked me what did that mean to which I answered 'You probably look like dogs, she generally pertains to dogs when she says that'.

- AH-CE : very seldom. It's to say merci (thank you)

- WA : the name of her yaya's son - Noah

- YAW : when she sees a cat. It's her version of meow.

For now, her everyday conversation evolves around these words. Six words which could mean everything. Six words enough to convey what she likes or doesn't like. And I tell you, they work!
More on what she could do:

- she could switch on and off the light
- she could annoy you by changing the tv channels all the time
- she loves putting her hand on her ear and would say Papa? She does it with her phone toy, or the remote control, or the calculator.. anything!
- she understands come here and give it to me but not the word NO.
- she understands calin (hugs) and bisous (kisses) and loves doing them.
- she stamps her feet and shouts when she's angry
- she makes a funny grimace when you scold her, like she's about to cry but actually, she won't.
- she loves opening the drawers and cabinets
- she plays with the building blocks and legos

Louna now...

83 cm and 11 kgs. Wears clothes for 2 years old. Never had a haircut. 8 front teeth. 2 upper molars in the making. Another 2 coming out. Just started to walk. Prefers to crawl. Loves to be tickled before going to bed.

Want More Videos?

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samedi, janvier 27, 2007

my first spoon of rice

yummy yoghurt

and baguette for dessert!

and finally, my pictures with Noah playing with the sleigh...

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This is a Special Announcement

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vendredi, janvier 26, 2007

Louna, our unica hija, finally walked today, at 1 year 2 months and 18 days old. The most awaited milestone has finally been accomplished.

It started with inciting her to walk hand in hand with her favorite toy (which she call Tetite). She just had her milk so she was actually on play mode. We walked together with Tetite in the middle, me barely giving any support to her. Then, little by little, I let go of Tetite and she continued walking. At first, she wanted me to hold her toy, to which I obliged. But 3 to 5 turns of the dining-room-turned-playground after, there she was, living the new adventure on her own. Obviously happy of her new discovery.

Congratulations Louna! We're very proud of you.

How I welcomed the New Year..

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mardi, janvier 23, 2007

The Plane Ride

To prove that I was so excited by the fact that I'd be spending Christmas in the sunny Philippines, I got sick 2 weeks before the flight. Bronchitis and otitis. Not bad. Maman, who dreamed of travelling extra light because of me was obliged to slip in some medicines in our baggage.

Arriving at the airport, I was amazed by this big engine called airplane. Maman said we will ride in that plane to go to the Philippines. I was so amazed that I spent a lot of time gazing outside. I spent a lot of time walking around the airport too. Thanks Maman for bringing the baby stroller. It was a lot of fun. I was even able to try the walkalator. In the end, Maman allowed me to stroll around on my own. And it was even more fun to search her among the other passengers who were so amused to see me roaming around.

So you must be wondering how I was inside the plane? Impeccable. The pressure change during take off and landing was nothing to me. But then, I found it long and boring so I preferred it when I could crawl along the aisle, talk with other passengers, play on the floor and watch The Bug's Life on video. I even sometimes hid from Maman by squeezing myself between passenger's feet. That was fun.

Well, Maman said she was tired and I don't understand why. Papa either.

The Arrival

Daddy, Tito JJ (and his family) and Tito Bryan welcomed us at the airport but I was a total snob. Not a single smile. There were everybody at home but all I wanted was a big siesta. It took me 3 days to get off the jetlag and a day to be more friendly.. except to my Papa.

I was first amazed by the jeepneys, tricycles and buses but I was totally accustomed in the end. No seatbelts, all natural aircon, what else?

My Mood

I was sick when I left and continued to be sick when I arrived. But that did not stop me from having some fun. I went to Pansol to celebrate my birthday, went home to Zambales to meet the rest of the family, then went with my parents to Anilao. The best thing is that I was able to play with my cousins! Yipee!

I spent my New Year's Eve sleeping. Yes, the firecrackers didn't even wake me up. I must be tired being sick, that's why.

My New Trick

Nope. Can't walk yet. There were just too much people wanting to carry me in their arms so why should I force myself to walk? But well, I learned a new trick all the same. I could put my finger in my nose, woohoo!

Back to France

I was happy to see my family, Philippine side, and was happy to be back too. In fact, I was the only one who applauded the pilot upon landing, to the delight of the other passengers hehe.