Kyla, 5 Months Picture Update

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dimanche, mars 15, 2009

I could hold my head upright. It's not really my favorite position but Maman said I need some exercise.

I could now grab and hold my toys. No trick!

I tried spinach but visibly, that was a messy experience.

I prefer this piece of bread they call boudoir. My two front teeth are in action each time I have one. I could finish a boudoir in one shot.

No, I'm not scratching my ears. I'm giving a call to Mamie and Papy.

Belat. Lol. Just showing that my toungue is clean and I finished the boudoir up to bits.

This thing calms me. It accompanies me to bed. It wipes my tears. And it soothes my toothache whenever I need it.

No, this isn't a jacuzzi. This is an improvised bathtub in Mamie's place. Louna used it. Now it's my turn.

I'm a confirmed traveller. I could stay in a car for 4 hours without a fuss. I just need a boudoir, some toys and Maman beside me.

PS: Here's a bonus. I sleep through the night no problem. Meaning I could sleep 10 hours at a stretch. My schedule is 9pm to 7-8am, non stop. But I'm already in bed at 7pm. My Maman just wakes me up at 9pm to give me the bottle (she says it's important since I don't gain weight), then I continue in my dreams till 7-8am. My first bottle is at 9am and since I wake up early, I just play and babble paaa and baaa while waiting for breakfast.

Ah, baby life is such an adventure. More of me next time ;).

7 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

if you compare them, mas marami palang hair si kyla than louna!! :) and she's soo pretty!

Analyse a dit…

thanks ;), mega-compare ka pa talaga ha.

geri a dit…

You have (another) beautiful girl there Ana!

haze a dit…

Good progress! Bravo Kyla, I'm sure next time you are running after your sister and play hide and seek :D ! Hugs.

Anonyme a dit…

i was comparing their pictures based sa link mo when louna was also 5mons. mas makapal hair ni kyla now :)

Francesca a dit…

bilis niya mag mature, dating iyakin, now with boudoir, ayus na.

So, sa susunod, lalaki na ha?

lovelyn a dit…

Ang sarap kagatin!