I Need a Teether!

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mardi, mars 03, 2009

My little Kyla lost her lovely smile..
to this...
look closer - she's got two teeth!
.. and I thought I still have time to buy chamomilla vulgaris from the pharmacie. I had been touching her gums since last week. The Mommy in me felt that those tiny teeth are on their way but didn't expect that it would be this soon and not two teeth at a time. This evening, at exactly 5 months, 1 week and 2 days old, the tiny teeth surprised me. The little girl's ok - no fuss. We were obliged to pinch her so she'd cry and open her mouth. I took the pictures right away. Bad parents.

On other developments, she starts to have a good control of her hands - she grabs everything infront of her. She particularly loves papers which she puts directly in her mouth. She still regurgitates a lot inspite of the medicines prescribed by the doctor. As they say, if symptoms persist, insult consult your doctor. So this Friday, Kyla has another appointment with her pediatrician. I hope he'll give us something more effective - changing Kyla's shirts and bibs all the time to keep her dry starts to be real tiring. Add to that the fact that Kyla smells like a stinky milk after a day. But well, I start to love that smell anyway.

3 commentaires:

mitch a dit…

cute naman ni kyla :D

tintin a dit…

oh poor little girl with her acid reflux! and poor baby whose bad mama pinches her for a photo op! teehee.

Anonyme a dit…

kyla is soo pretty! :)