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dimanche, décembre 14, 2008

Louna, 3 years and 1 month old

- She believes in Santa Clause but quite afraid to approach him. She met him twice - at school and at the company party. The only motivation for her to approach him was when I told him that Père Noël would give him candies again.
- They celebrated Christmas party at school last week. They sang a song but Louna wasn't singing, only observing. She was happy when she saw me among the crowd but that didn't motivate her to sing. It was quite difficult to take a picture of her because even if she's one of the youngest in her class, she's one of the biggest too. She's positionned at the last row.
- She watched her first movie, Madagascar 2 last week. She cried at the end of the movie, not wanting the film to end. Now, she can't wait for the next film to watch at the grande télé (big TV).
- She could form longer sentences right now. Like Papa n'est pas gentil. Il a tapé le visage à Maman. (Papa is not kind. He slapped the face of Maman.) That was when Papa jokingly slapped my face because Louna said there was a fly. But Louna didn't get the joke. She thought it was real. She's been repeating that sentences over and over. I just hope she's not telling that to her teacher or to other person. We need to be careful at home now, lol.
- She can do a 15-piece puzzle easily, even with her eyes closed, lol. So we bought a 45-piece puzzle which she can do with a little help from us.

Kyla, 2 months and 3 weeks old

- It's more agreable to get into conversation with her now. She's responding with sweet smiles, tiny laughs and some boo and coo. In fact, she loves to communicate with the person infront of her. She could stay calm for 2 hours like that.
- She takes 5 bottles of 150ml a day. But the best part is that she's got rhythm now. She takes her bottle almost always at the same time - 11am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm and the last one at night varies from 4am to 6am.
- She has discovered her hand and she's fascinated by them. I would oftentimes catch her looking at her hand intensely then try to put it in her mouth. She even tries to suck it. She also tries to hold everything infront of her but she's not ready yet. She's able to grab a toy sometimes but it's more accidental than intentional. But that milestone is not far from now. A week or two from now and she'll be able to hold her toys. I can't wait!
- She's calmer now and could even sleep on her own after an hour or two of playtime - provided that she's got clean diapers. Playtime means conversing with me, observing her toys and her hand and grabbing some toys.
- She loves to look at the telly when Louna watches her favorite DVDs.
- She could hold her head erect for a few moment when sitting down and lying on her tummy. She tries to lift her head when she's lying on her back, like she's doing crunch exercises, lol.

A Smile A Day Keeps Worries Away

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samedi, décembre 06, 2008

Louna's View of Us

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jeudi, décembre 04, 2008

I asked Louna to draw Kyla and she ended up with this:

Then I asked her to draw Papa, Mama, Louna and Kyla and look at how she drew us: