Louna's View of Us

Publié par Analyse à 12/04/2008 05:51:00 PM

jeudi, décembre 04, 2008

I asked Louna to draw Kyla and she ended up with this:

Then I asked her to draw Papa, Mama, Louna and Kyla and look at how she drew us:

5 commentaires:

JO a dit…

priceless drawing!!!


gracita a dit…

obviously, she sees the papa as the biggest one in the family! :)

my brother used to draw a lot when he was a toddler. my mom preserved it and had some framed! ang cute! :)

Francesca a dit…

at her age, she holds the pen correctly.
A Pablo Picasso descendant is born...

haze a dit…

I remember the drawing of Basti it looks exactly the same when he was at that age :D ! This is just priceless indeed ;) !

julie a dit…

What a great way to see things n the eyes of your child :)

Wait till she can write words ad letters, naku, nakakaiyak yun :)