Photo and Video Essay

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samedi, juillet 07, 2007

Today is Louna's 20th month. As usual, I need to come up with a monthly update but this time, I'll try to talk less but show you more evidence. You might think that I brag about my daughter non-stop without even knowing if 50% of what I write is true or not. So here's Louna at 20 months old.

She's playing Mommy.

She's a Green Thumb. Well, she's watering the plants and loves to smell the flowers.

She eats on her own. Look at how coordinated her movements are, and how clean she eats at her age.

She loves chocolate. In all forms.

She could remove the seed of a cherry fruit. Oh yeah, direct from her mouth. That's my 20-months-old.

She's a Dora the Explorer fan. She's afraid of Swiper the Fox tho. She was watching Dora yesterday when I suddenly heard her cry. I rushed to see what's wrong with her, but in fact, she was just afraid that Swiper might swipe the ribbons of the three little pigs (To the Rescue edition). So I told her to raise her hand each time she sees Swiper and say, 'Swiper no swiping' three times. Well, she's raising her hands now. Not a bad start.

She's a webcam princess. - Here is one of our webcam conversations while I was on business travel.

She loves to accompany me buy a baguette or a pain.

What more can a Mom ask for? This budding little princess is a concentrate of pure happiness. Happy 20th month, ma coquine.