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samedi, juillet 07, 2007

Today is Louna's 20th month. As usual, I need to come up with a monthly update but this time, I'll try to talk less but show you more evidence. You might think that I brag about my daughter non-stop without even knowing if 50% of what I write is true or not. So here's Louna at 20 months old.

She's playing Mommy.

She's a Green Thumb. Well, she's watering the plants and loves to smell the flowers.

She eats on her own. Look at how coordinated her movements are, and how clean she eats at her age.

She loves chocolate. In all forms.

She could remove the seed of a cherry fruit. Oh yeah, direct from her mouth. That's my 20-months-old.

She's a Dora the Explorer fan. She's afraid of Swiper the Fox tho. She was watching Dora yesterday when I suddenly heard her cry. I rushed to see what's wrong with her, but in fact, she was just afraid that Swiper might swipe the ribbons of the three little pigs (To the Rescue edition). So I told her to raise her hand each time she sees Swiper and say, 'Swiper no swiping' three times. Well, she's raising her hands now. Not a bad start.

She's a webcam princess. - Here is one of our webcam conversations while I was on business travel.

She loves to accompany me buy a baguette or a pain.

What more can a Mom ask for? This budding little princess is a concentrate of pure happiness. Happy 20th month, ma coquine.

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Francesca a dit…

oh dear, she is really cute in her baguette photo!

and a lady like, she walks ala princss grace de monaco.

Pwede na model ng children's apparel, cute kaya ng headband!

Anonyme a dit…

Francesca, o di ba, me tagabili na ko ng baguette hehehe.. and yes, everybody's jealous of Louna's clothes and accesories, if they only know, ang mumura ko kayang nabili yan sa Pilipinas hehehe.. there was one time, we were in a dept store, and there was this young girl na cute na cute kay Louna, mukha daw syang princess with her clothes hehe.. si Louna naman, aba, ang kembot ng lakad, yabang na bata pa hehehe..

feng a dit…

Oh gosh, ang galing kumain ni Louna all by herself. still at 20 months, I think she's ahead of kids her age. most often kasi, toddlers are really hard to feed at kailangan mo pa talagang sundan wherever she/he goes . :)

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Mama Analyse,
Oh my! Louna eats like a princess, she even picks up what comes off her plate. She is just so adorable. Pwedeng pang commercial ;)

I'll show this videos to my daughter, she takes an hour to eat her dinner.

Anonyme a dit…

feng, sa eating habits, yes, i think she's quite ahead. takaw kasi. in fact, when she hears 'à table' meaning mealtime, she would actually hurry to the kitchen and climb her highchair. .. in fact, when i saw her cousin in the philippines who's almost 4 years old at kelangan pang sundan and subuan, i told my mom that Louna cannot have that luxury, otherwise, baka midnight na, naghahabulan pa kami. wawa naman anak ko, bata pa, kelangan na maging independent *sniff*

KK, hehe, sayang e. Dapat walang natatapon. Reverse problem naman kay Louna, we need to remind her to slow down, ang bilis kumain e, parang mauubusan.

Wenchie a dit…

wow, louna is so cute. i bet she'll get offers to do tv ads here in manila if they see her here.

auee a dit…

Adorable princess, impressive appetite ha. Nakakatuwa. I love the cherry video
3-year old ko gusto tatanggalan ko pa sya ng seeds.

Hey I like your lounge area, too.

Analyse a dit…

Rowena, hehe, everybody's telling me that.. wala namang kumuha nung andun kami hehehe..

Auee, isa lang secret ni Louna, matakaw kasi hehehe..

oppps, i never thought someone would look at our salon, tinignan ko pa ulit tuloy yung video, buti na lang walang masyadong kalat hahaha.

Anonyme a dit…

At nakapilantik ang maliit na daliri sa paghawak ng choco cup hahaha! Sosi!

les crapouilles a dit…

We need to meet up na ulit!!! You've grown so fast :) dami mo na rin alam at masipag pa ! Bravo Louna !!!

Unknown a dit…

She has the same size as the baguette! lol

Her playing mommy photos are very cute. Well ana, you trained her well!