Louna's 5th Birthday

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dimanche, octobre 31, 2010

Louna had been talking about her birthday since... well, I can't even remember. Since long time ago, for sure. She had been warning us to be kind to her so we could be on the list of her invitees. She had been dreaming about celebrating her birthday at Mc Donalds but unfortunately, we were not able to reserve the date chosen. We held her birthday at Jungle Kid instead, and not to my surprise, to all the kids' delight! The pictures say it all!

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PS: Louna's birthday is on November 8 but we held an advanced celebration as I'll be out on a business trip on that day.

Kyla's First Run

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It was a sunny October afternoon. The whole family were bound to Dole for Papa's 10-km run and Louna's fun run. But during the registration, Papa learned that kids born on 2008 are allowed to run.. so I guess you follow the story. Now, here's the evidence. Have fun!

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