Will She Walk Before Christmas?

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mercredi, décembre 02, 2009

Kyla, the lazy walker. We have been trying to introduce different push-carts, toy strollers, mini-buses, toy trolleys, walker, name it.. none of those motivated her to take that first step without whining. This morning, I dealt the problem with a lot of patience... and look at the result! Kyla pushing her stroller! With a smile at that!

If she doesn't walk on her own before Christmas, I'm not the impatient kind of Mom, I could still wait till our Philippine vacation next Feb.

Kyla, no stress girly ;)

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vmmp a dit…

hi! nice blog! Don't worry about your Kyla. My nephew finally had the guts to walk at 18 months! My 8-month-old is trying to let go of his push walker and he keeps hitting the floor (thanks to the dalles en mousse for saving him from getting ugly bumps) Gives me the heart attack all the time.