She's Crawling!

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lundi, août 17, 2009

And oh, the lady behind just woke up. So please don't mind her, lol.

Check out Louna's first crawl here. She crawled when she was 10 months old, just like Kyla! Aren't they tracing the same developmental curves?

Summer Activities, Updates and More

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mercredi, août 12, 2009

The problem about leaving on vacation is that I get loads of laundries to wash, tons of pictures to upload and lots of stories to tell that I don't even know where to start. To make my life simpler, I'd start off with non-vacation-related stuffs and these pictures from our vacation. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

First off, Louna's out to the pool the whole day with the other kids at the center. Yes, she's enrolled at the community center's summer activities. This would allow her to be in contact with other kids and to avoid getting bored at home. This week's theme is around Pocahontas so more on water activities like swimming and fishing. Next week, the group will camp in a small village 15km out of Dijon. Their main activity would be to visit the village and the countryside riding a poney. Ain't that great? That would be Louna's first time experience to camp with other kids so I'm quite impatient to get her feedback and at the same time worried about mommy-exclusive-anxieties, lol.

Louna's been quite active on different activities like babygym and music classes last semester and I find it really rewarding not only to her development, but also on her relationships with other people, respect of rules, etc.

She's also gaining a lot of independence like dressing herself up, setting the table and washing the dishes (it's her new game now!) that I hope it would continue and she grows up as a fine woman in the future.

All that sounds perfect, ain't it? Not quite. The big girl's not that interested on school activities yet but got some talents nevertheless. She could now write her name and could copy quite a lot of letters pretty well.

Back to negative vibes, she's also fond of sequestering all toys of Kyla (which are by the way her old toys!) and is capable to close the door of her playhouse to avoid her sister from entering. Poor little sister!

The little sister on the other hand is growing remarkably well and is now just a light year away from removing her bib for forever. (well, I hope!). Her vomiting is reduced to almost the minimum level so I'm really happy to take pictures of her sans the bib.

She's now extending her arms ready to crawl but the first 'real' crawl is still much awaited. The girl moves though, by turning and pushing backwards while sitting down. She now knows how to clap her tiny hands, to wave goodbye and to play hide-and-seek by hiding behind her eyes with her hands (left picture). Well, as much as she could, of course.

She's sending signs of wanting to stand lately. So the eager mom asked papa to check the storeroom for the walker and the toy car. Well, I think she'll need more time to understand how the walker works. The toy car seems to have more success but I'm afraid she'll just bump her head on the floor.

So that more or less completes the summer update. I think I just heard myself promising to myself to update more often. Okidoki. I heard myself!