Il Fait Déjà Noir, Maman.

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lundi, avril 06, 2009

Translation: It's already dark, Mommy.
Louna's notion of darkness is always associated with a particular task like:

Eating Time

One night, the meal was already prepared and while waiting for Papa to arrive, she asked me:

Louna: Il est où Papa, Maman? (Where is Papa, Maman?)
Me: Il est encore au boulot. (He's still at work.)
Louna: Mais. Il fait déjà noir. Il faut manger! (But. It's already dark. We have to eat!)

Bed Time

I always try to prepare Louna "psychologically" when I ask a certain task. That cuts down negociation time considerably. So around 30 minutes before bed time, I already tell here that it's soon time to go upstairs and go to bed.

This evening, at 8:30pm, I told her the routine Il est bientôt l'heure de se coucher (It's soon time to go to bed). She immediately looked outside and told me: Mais. Il fait pas encore noir? (But. It's not yet dark?)...

So how will we force her to go to bed on summer time? When daylight stretches up to 10pm?

School, on the other hand has taught her a lot of things. She's got better command of words. She expresses herself no problem. She even has this method of talking to us like a teacher, honestly!

Yesterday, after putting Kyla on her favorite swing (My, she loves it!), Louna pulled my hand and asked me to "play'. Seeing her Papa run on a regular basis made her think that running is a game.

So run I did.

*Catching my breath* Darn. This little girl will never stop. Strategy, strategy..

I told her: Louna, ça y est! Maman est fatiguée. (Louna, Maman is tired. Let's stop).

Louna, looking at her Dora watch while running: Pas encore Maman, encore 1 km! (Not yet Mom, another 1 km)

What? This little kid is tiring me. Strategy, strategy...

*Ding - lightbulb open* I ran after her and tried to touch her butt. She suddenly stopped and looked at me intently:

Mais arrête Maman. Je t'explique. Il faut pas toucher les fesses. Sinon, elles vont sentir mauvais, tes mains. (Stop Mom! Listen to me. You shouldn't touch my butt. If so, your hands will smell bad!). Ngek!

Well, Louna has become a great help at home (well, when she's in the mood). She cleans the floor when Kyla regurgitates (yes, her vomitting could go that far!), she sets the table, she searches diapers, my pullover, Kyla's toys, etc.

This evening, she tried to help me peel potatoes. Look at it after Louna's intervention (right side). Errrr. Not that much left. But well, at least there were no more skin!

It's the gesture that counts dear. Lol.

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geri a dit…

I always enjoy reading Louna's updates. Where did you get that Dora watch? I might get Evan the Diego version since he always swipes mine :)