8th Month Visit

Publié par Analyse à 9/01/2008 01:36:00 PM

lundi, septembre 01, 2008

Almost there. Reaching the finish lane is the ultimate challenge. The road to D Day, especially now that I'm but a month away must be the longest and the hardest obstacle that I need to brave. Could you imagine a 14-kg balloon, the size of a football that I need to carry everywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? That's exactly me nowadays.

I met my OB Gyne this morning and I expressed my worries about my bulging tummy which seems to be bigger than the first pregnancy (based on the graph, at 8th months, I already gained more than what I gained in 9 months during my first pregnancy). So she checked and re-checked but confirmed that the baby is just the normal size at 3.1 kg (well, more than the average but smaller than Louna). She did all the routine check afterwards then adviced us to wait and try to do it naturally since everything was A-ok - which I prefer by the way (Louna was induced at 38th week). She nonetheless told us that if at 38th week I feel exhausted and my tummy really starts to disturb me, we could then set an schedule.

Knowing that this must be my last pregnancy, I would prefer to experience giving birth the natural way. You know, natural effacement of the cervix, losing the amniotic fluid, having regular contractions, and all the other symptoms till the baby finally decides to move out.

Organization must be tough tho. We don't have any family nearby (unlike in the Philippines where my whole clan could be around me even 2 months before D Day) so we need to check on some friends who would be willing to take care of Louna in case D Day falls on a midnight. There are some volunteers but night-time organization doesn't stop there. Who would take care of Louna the next day (almost all our friends work)? Who would bring her to school? Would she understand all these urgencies and changes in organization?

I know that we will find the best solution. Induced labor is not yet out of the game in case organization deems to be really tough. That would be the most comfortable way out.

In the meantime, I need to wax my stretch-marked mega-tummy with a cream which I hope would work. My, these stretch marks had even attacked above my navel. I think I need to bid my final goodbye to two-piece swimsuits, really.

But well, these stretch marks would be the most beautiful scars I could have in my entire life. A loving souvenir of my two girls which I would keep with me for the rest of my life. So no complains (but well, if you have a miraculous solution to get rid of them, just let me know ;).

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chung a dit…

una sa lahat, nakaka-lito ha. hinahanap ko san yung link for comments, di ko makita, in french kasi! buti nalang alam kong comments yung commentaire, hehe :)

i wouldn't mind having the same stretch marks as long as its for my babies. i heard butter lotion works wonders! pero dapat ata before pa lumaki tummy mo, nilalagay mo na siya.

take care analyse! konti nalang and you're almost there! excited ako to see your next baby. malamang as pretty and cutie as louna :)

mitch a dit…

wow 14kgs already me i am on my 7th month of pregnancy and i gained just 7 kg and already i have back pains although still tolerable. the doctor said that our baby will be a small one. i guess 3 kg or less.

Bonne chance pour l'accouchement :D

geri a dit…

You are right about the whole clan being there in the Philippines. I still enviously remember how my sister's mother in law has a home made beef soup (nilagang baka) spoonfed to my sister after she gave birth. I wish you a fast, safe, and "easy" (if there is one) delivery!

haze a dit…

Smaller than Louna? Well maybe it's your waterbag ano ? Anyway, you're will be done in a few days kaya, inhale, exhale and push hard !!! Take care Ana :D !

Mitch a dit…

Lapit na! Push push push! Be safe! Take care!

Analyse a dit…

Chung, lol, hindi ba sya automatically translated? ngek, i dont know tho how to fix that..

hay naku, i applied anti-stretch mark creams since i knew i was preggy (louna time pa ha), but they didnt work.. anglalaki ba naman ng mga anak ko, lol..

Mitch, my baby weighs 3.1kg na nowadays!

Geri, we can't have everything, right.. my sister had everybody around her, from my mom to my aunts, before and after D Day, and of course, she was pampered to the max..

Haze, yep, the amniotic fluid nga daw.. but still in the normal range so nothing to worry daw..

Mitch, yep, im counting the days now..

Gypsyschild a dit…

kaya nga i'm going home na after the birth of the twins. Mabuti na rin yung nasa atin at least meron makatulong. Pasalamat naman ako at okidok lang kay hubs ko, siya pa nga ang gusto. Pero syempre sama siya.
I heard yung butter cream sa body shop daw prevents stretch marks. Pero will still have to buy pa.
Sana, ako at least maka full term man lang , sabi kasi nila pag twins mga 1 month before due date, eh labas na. Sana lang hindi premature babies ko, yun lang ang worry ko.

feng a dit…

parang kelan lang, you're just announcing the pregnancy. ngayon, heto, 8 months na pala. almost there. as I've always told you, take extra extra care. the 8th month is the most delicate. don't pressure your self too hard with work stuff. ay, onga pala naka leave ka na. good for you.

I'll pray for you and the baby's safety.

PS. how daring the pic ha. ala akong masabi!!!

Lucille a dit…

nice photo! grabe tummy mo lang talaga lumaki!
about stretchmarks, i'm using palmer's cocoa butter. May stetchmarks pa rin ako kaya ewan ko kung effective to! what i like is hindi ako nangangati kaya i continue using it every morning after shower and before sleeping.

Goodluck! anytime soon manganganak ka na yata. And your blogs new layout is cool! sinipag ang buntis ah! hehe ako tinamad na ulit...lagi akong pagod ngayon, sakit ng likod huhuhu!

Analyse a dit…

Gypsyschild, wow naman. that's good for you and the kids.. esp twins pa naman. yep, yung wife ng officemate ko, she had her twins a month before, induced.

hey, start applying creams na, at least it could minimize stretch marks.. ako, i applied since the start of pregnancy, but i had stretch marks pa din kasi ang laki ni louna.. but then, they're not that visible after giving birth..

Feng, yeah taking everything with extra care now.. but starting mid-september, papagurin ko na sarili ko so it would easier for me to give birth lol..

hehe, kinareer ko na ang pagpapa-pix.. last pregnancy, lol.

Lucille, hay naku, i used that too, pero me stretch marks pa din.. i've read some articles, apparently, you could just reduced the visibility pero andyan pa din unless you undergo laser ek ek, hayyy..

tintin a dit…

Isn't the tummy always bigger the second time around? Well, I hope if I eat better for the 2nd time my tummy will be at least just the same.

I don't envy your logistics concern regarding Dday and Louna. That's one of the reason I moved to SD, so I would have family. Hopefully, you all arrive at a solution that works well.

JO a dit…

that's one thing that I fail to do... take a picture of my pregnant tummy. ",)

Anonyme a dit…

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