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samedi, novembre 10, 2007

She's got her list of words now. Conversation starts to be more exciting and we, as parents, have to take extra careful on what we say because this little sweetie understands and repeats what she hears.

The words or phrases listed are written as she pronounce them, followed by the real words or sentences which are mostly French, then by their English translation, if needed.

A-don - Pardon - Sorry. She utters this word each time she farts or burps. Polite little girl, right. But hold it, this seems to be the hardest word to say. And true enough, she would resist to pronounce this word after a tantrum or anytime she throws a fit.

Ya plyu - Il n'y a plus - Nothing anymore. We, as parents should understand Can I have some more?

Dotr - D'autres - Another one. Well, if we happen not to understand the previous phrase, this is her back-up sentence. Smart.

Ah pe - S'il te plait - Please. She knows how to get what she wants, don't she?

Awut - Yaourt - Yoghurt. And she definitely knows what she wants!

Ongkor - Encore - Again/More. And more!

Pa - Pas - I don't like. In fact, the complete sentence is Je n'aime pas. She starts to impose what she likes and dislikes during mealtime with pushing the dish away. Did you say, terrible twos? I guess you're right.

Sa ye - Ca y est - It's/I'm done.
We of course, appreciate whatever our daughter accomplished, without moderation - be it a scribble on a piece of paper or finishing her pot of yoghurt.

Av yu - I love you. How sweet!

Atoh - Gateau - Cookies/Cakes. She loves eating, no doubt about it.

Why - Bye. Well, she was correctly saying Au revoir before but she was trying her English skills lately.

Lo - L'eau - Water. Even lakes, she calls them lo.

Lu - Vélo - Bicycle. She would certainly love to play with it, but we bought a big one. She still can't reach the pedals, lol.

Sa va? - Ca va? - Are you okay?. She would oftentimes ask her dolls if they're okay.

BackPack. Well, she's got her own backpack like Dora.

Wowie - Oui Oui - Noddy. Since she saw the Noddy DVD, she would claim for it more than Dora. It's just funny that she watches it in English but calls Noddy in French.

Ay. Sa pik - Aïe. Ca pique - Ouch. That hurts. Careful, bearded men. Shave first before asking a kiss from Louna.

Aret - Arrêtte - Stop. She hates nasty kids, so she says stop before they mess up around her.

Bobo - Wound/Cut. I was surprised she knew this word. She's learning a lot at her Nanny's place.

Pang - Lapin - Rabbit. She's got a lot of stuffed toys, that's why.

Bak - Beurk - Yuck. Oh, she knows when it's yucky!

Whew. After writing all that, I just realized how she progressed a lot from the last time. And I'm sure, I forgot to write down other words she already know.

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KK a dit…

Hi Analyse,
Your little blabber is just too cute!

KK a dit…

Btw, I don't know if you are aware but everytime I come to your site, there are pop-up ads sometimes it crashes Firefox then I would forget what I was going to comment.

ScroochChronicles a dit…

That was a lesson in French right there. Talo pa kami ni Louna pero ang cute niya ha.

Oo nga, like Kk, I also get pop-up ads when I go to your site. Both on IE and Firefox.

Analyse a dit…

errr, mommies, any advice on how i could get rid of them? i've noticed them too, i've got pop-up blocker but i know it doesn't solve the problem in its globality.. i don't have any idea on how to remove them (i didn't search, to be honest, mea culpa), so any advice will be much appreciated ;). thanks a bunch.

janet a dit…

that's why i love coming here. got to learn french and about frenchies. :) i think louna will excell in linguistics when she grows up.

Christianne a dit…

Paturo naman ng French Louna!

I'm jealous - Annika knows about 20 animal sounds and a few words in Swedish, English and Filipino but has only 4 phrases that she says consistently.

Christianne a dit…

Ana, I just read the comments, I never got pop-ups when I go to your blog or Louna's. I use Firefox with the Google toolbar and its built-in pop up blocker.

les crapouilles a dit…

B R A V O !!! Who says children are late speakers ? Hmmmm sige nga Louna, tell them a story or sing them a song of Une Souris verte hehehe ewan ko lang pag di pa sila bumilib sa yo :D!