22 Months Update

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samedi, septembre 15, 2007

My little girl's growing and it's quite hard to realize that she's nearing 2 years old and she'll start playschool starting February of next year. She's mastered a lot of skills and tricks now that makes her more adorable. I'm sure you're excited as me to unravel her cuteness.

Vocabulary Check

Mamie and Papi - the French words for grandma and grandpa were a hit this summer, especially that she stayed almost two week with her grandparents. She calls her nanny's mom Mamie too. And mind you, she could exige Mamie's attention with matching stamping of her feet. What an authority!

Pain - French word for bread. She's quite addicted to this word as much as she is addicted to the actual bread. And the way she wipes her plate with her bread, or the way she dips her bread to her cup of milk, you would know that she's a real Frenchie.

Tchin-Tchin - Here in France, if they don't say Santé (to health) to say Cheers, they would say tchin-tchin. And my little girl would ask for a tchin-tchin everytime she drinks her glass of water.. so careful if you serve yourself with wine.

Main - Hands. Of course, she knows where her hands are and she knows how to wash them. She would take one chair near the wash basin, climb the chair and ask help from Maman or Papa by shouting 'main main' with her hands held up high.

Moo - it could be Nemo when she wants to watch the movie or a cow if she sees one.

Oh Men - Have you seen Dora the Explorer? Do you know Swiper the Fox? And do you know what Swiper says? Oh men!

Back Pack - Still with Dora the Explorer, now with the Back Pack. Louna has some collections of Dora band-aids (which her Maman bought of course) and I caught her one time at the playground telling her playmate about her band-aid - she was singing the Back Pack song while pointing on her knees with the band-aid.

More Tricks

She basically mastered all the animal sounds in her book, almost all her principal body parts and is becoming more and more sensitive to music. She could sing Frere Jacques / Are You Sleeping song with her own lyrics hehe... but you could actually recognize the song, that's essential, right?
She's trying to use her left hand for eating lately and she's doing it great. Check the videos below, at the last entry.

She also loves patterns - you know, she had to follow the trail when we do hiking. Look at the picture attached, she walks on the green lane.

On potty training, optimist-me says we're almost at the finish line. She says caca or pot when she feels like doing it and would say non if it's no, of course. The problem is, she only informs us in the morning and evening.. and during daytime, she would finally forget informing us because she would be busy with her baby life. I try to ask her every so often and it works, she would say oui (yes) or non. The problem is, when I start to get busy with everything else except Maman life, I too, forget that I have to ask her for a pot. A friend told me I have to use an alarm clock and I swear, I'll use it this weekend.

She hates Mamanrazzi

When is the age when kids adore posing infront of the camera? Mine still hates it at 22 months old. She hides from me! .. Or is she hiding because she's eating something?

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raqgold a dit…

wow, am learning french, too. thanks for sharing :D

Anonyme a dit…

Wohoo Ana I just like the pictures of Louna, could see her different expressions hahaha ! Oh Men, backpack, naku ganyang ganyan din sila Basti et Mimi ! It's the Saga of Dora talaga :) !

Anonyme a dit…

Alam mo Ana, hawig nga sila ni Deye ko lalo na dyan sa Mamanrazzi photos hihihihi! Pati yung way nyang mag-stare! :p

Analyse a dit…

Raqgold, ;)

Haze, oh men! they're into it too haha.

Mitch, i already observed that even at my first visit in your site.. pwede silang maging sisters hehe..

Anonyme a dit…

Ana, I always enjoy reading Louna's update and looking at her photos. I especially loved the ones of her climbing (toddler na toddler na talaga) and eating daintily. Anong food yan? I wish Evan would be as adept as her in handling the cutlery pretty soon!

Analyse a dit…

Geri, I think it's a mix of tomatoes and other veggies. She practically eats the same food as Maman and Papa, without the salt (or very little quantity).. that way, we're quite forced to eat healthy foods too.. double purpose.

Evan will soon learn that, as they say, kids can't learn everything at the same time. So little by little Mommy..

MegaMom a dit…

C'est bon, Analyse! Louna is very cute, and growing up tres rapide...I ought to practice my francaise with you...

Analyse a dit…

Megamom, ;). sure, let's learn french together ;)