My Little Frenchy at 19 Months Old

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samedi, juin 02, 2007

She starts to dream big...a lot. I mean she's got a lof of dreams. I was just wondering what suits her most. What do you think?

She dreams to be a Dancing Queen. So, supportive parents as we are, I taught her the first step (wriggly pampery arse), Frenchguy the second one (incredible hulk style). Hehe.

But me thinks she'll be a Future Engineer, like Maman and Papa. Look at her building the Eiffel Tower.

But well, her love for animals will also make her a good Veterinarian, me thinks. She not only gives them injections, she's also capable of giving them TLC - hugs and kisses.

She also dreams to be a little Imelda Marcos. She's a Shoe Advocate.

On developments..

Il est où? T'as vu? Literally translates to Where is it? Did you see it? Her first two sentences. No wonder, she's my cute little frenchy.

Au revoir (she pronounces it as ow-vwa). That means Goodbye. But she says that word to say Thank you. Baligtad.

Understands well (only when she wants!). Isn't life unfair? She understands us. But we don't understand her. She usually babbles a lot of sounds. She must have a lot of stories to tell. It must be interesting to know what's behind each uncomprehensible words.

She knows her body parts, errr, limit that to the head, ok? Nose, eyes, head, ears, lips, hands. Of course, there's some mix up sometimes but that makes kid life funnier, right?

Don't touch me. That's probably what she wants to say to all those who want to touch her, kiss her or hug her. But at her age, all she could do is to scream. Better luck next time, folks.

Bookworm? She starts to love looking at pictures on her book. Her favorite is her Farm Animal book. And would you believe that she said hiiih to imitate goat sound when she saw one? This book is a marvel!

Oppps, one more thing why I hate leaving her with her Papa (see picture below). This public display of complicity starts to make me jealous. Grrrr.

17 commentaires:

auee a dit…

love the last picture with her dad... it's a really sweet moment

Dad a dit…

darling you are so sweet when you face annimals. You want to learn; it's obvious, and your innocence is communicative. you make everybody arround you so happy.
Can you imagine that even while you are still on vacation in papy and mamy's place , they already schedulle for your next visit. Life with you is a cool ands timeless. Every minutes is a moment of intense pleasure. Our wish is to exchange, enter in communication to discover with your words your happyness of living with us. We love you baby.

gracita a dit…

she is such a cuuuuuuutttttttie! as in! i love the butt wiggling! i especially love her color! parang syang italian! kakainggit baby mo! :)

Linnor a dit…

Louna is such a doll! And a very intelligent one pa! She really inherited the best genes from you and her papa :)

Mommy Chi a dit…

your daughter's so adorable.. just reminds me of my daughter when she was that age. they grow up so fast, you suddenly realize that your baby girl isn't a baby anymore.

Analyse a dit…

Auee, im glad i captured it ;)

Dad, bises ;)

Gracita, haha, italiani ba ang dating ng kulit ko?

Linnor, oppps, baka tumaba puso ko nyan ;)

Mommy Chi, I particularly realize that when I see old pictures, laki na nga ng baby ko :(

tintin a dit…

Elle est tres mignonne!

What a cutie pie. Bisous to her from me. :)

kat a dit…

bisous to louna! wow! parang nag-double in size siya! especially in the hiking pics! she looks so grown up now! --love the pic w/ her sunglasses on her head! how very european!

dangkin a dit…

first time ko syang makita [sa pics], ang liit pa nya.. ngayon, para na talaga syang little lady.. naiinggit naman ako! and that pic with her dad, sooo sweet!

Analyse a dit…

Tintin, merci. Bises.

Kat, she's actually BIG for her age. She's like 4cm more than the average 2 year old french baby, and she's just 19 months old. I'm raising a giant here.

Dangkin, oh yeah, she grew up with this blog nga yata e hehehe.. some even remember my preggo days!

JO a dit…

ang cute naman ni louna! i also ask myself what my kids future will be like. I guess all parents are like that.

SexyMom a dit…

it's amazing how we, titas, witness the growing years of the Lounas, Nicos, Yohans, etc. in the blogosphere!

louna is so adorable, she's shaping up to be a loving little madmoiselle (please, please get me the right spelling and the right word)!

mommyness a dit…

wow! so cute! watching kids grow and learn new things is very fascinating. louna's such a sweetheart.

Analyse a dit…

Jo, mom's instinct?

Sexy Mom, that warmth my heart that these blogger babies could call PMN moms as titas. That's cute.

Mademoiselle, pronounced as ma-de-mwa-zel. ;)

Mommyness, that's why I have to chronicle everything ;)

KK a dit…

Oh she's so precious :) !
She she can dance. Get ready to spend hours and hours at dance school. :) She can stack up the blocks or cylinders very well.
Just lovely.

chase a dit…

OMG she is soooo sweet! That makes me jealous since I really want to have my own child as well.

charlie a dit…

She's adorable! Love the fact that she is a budding Imelda! Hahahaha...