Leaving on Vacation

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vendredi, juillet 28, 2006

Louna's leaving on vacation with Maman and Papa.. so before saying see you soon.. let me update you on what I love doing at the moment:

Body Building

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Water Splashing

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More 8th Month Update

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mercredi, juillet 19, 2006

This little girl has actually 8 teeth in the making.. and look at how she moves now.

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8 Months!

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dimanche, juillet 09, 2006

Should I repeat how time flies? Me who still finds myself pregnant at times?

8 months later, life has completely changed. I can't even imagine life now without Louna...

- romantic dinner for two with the impatient look from the proprietor waiting for our last order to be served.
- film-less life (not even a DVD viewed completely at home)
- playing marionnette (puppet) during bath time (she simply loves being in that tub with her squeezy friends)
- having diapers on top of our weekly grocery list
- no more impromptu weekends, everything should be organized from her vitamins to her duvet
- and a lot more..

On her development, oh my, she's grown up a lot. Look at the picture on the left, would you believe that she could entertain 20 persons at her age! That picture was taken during the 70th birthday celebration of her grandparents from Beaupréau.

At 8 months, Louna counts 5 teeth among her assets. She also learned to discover the different parts of her body, touching them incessantly. She loves to suck her toe, touch her eyes and ears and even her kiki (reproductive organ). She loves to watch herself infront of the mirror, I guess she knows that she's actually looking at herself.

She starts to turn by herself too. She actually sleeps on her side since 2 weeks now. She's quite restless at the moment, turning and twisting everywhere, touching, putting on her mouth and throwing everything within her reach. We cannot leave her anymore in one place thinking we could still find her in the same place and in the same position when we get back. Ah, those were the days.

Oh, by the way, she finally expressed her willingness to be half-French. Look at her with her baguette! Isn't that lovely?

She also learned how to shout. Whether it's in French, English or Tagalog, nobody knows. All I know is that she does it very loudly. I can't tell if it's already her first word, but she keeps on babbling kkkkkk kakakakaka..

You want more news? Louna's more attentive to the world of sounds now. Even the smallest noise.. funny how she laughs when she hears herself fart. This is excellent. I should catch that on video, but you know, it's really hard to predict when that would happen, right?

Oh by the way, she particularly loves when you whisper to her 'I love you Louna', she would actually stop moving and listen attentively on what you say by putting her head next to yours. Ah, life of being a Mom.

So that's all, folks. But before we say see you next month, just want to share to you these 2 videos:

Self-Supporting Louna

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Louna at 8 months

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