7th Month Inventory

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mardi, juin 20, 2006


Weight: 9.1 kg
Height: 75 cm
Number of Teeth: 3
Sitting position: Almost stable
Overall remark: Always on play mode, sleeps well, smiles to people, very agreable, loves to cuddle in the arms of maman


Doesn't like water
Had fever once but slept and ate normally ( I should count this as an asset)

Not bad milestone for a 7 months old, right? A recent discovery about this loving little girl has not been classified yet. Please help. Is this an Asset or Liability? Spot the difference!

Bonne Fête Papa!!!

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dimanche, juin 18, 2006

Cry No More

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jeudi, juin 08, 2006

Call it miracle, divine intervention or whatever, the catch is.. my baby stopped crying during bath time a week before her 7th month. She finally understood that it's useless to resist. I guess it's simply called growing up.

Louna at 6 Months

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jeudi, juin 01, 2006

Louna never fails to amaze me on her developments. She has completely changed from the time we brought her out of the clinic to now. That tiny little kitten has been transformed to a gorgeous little princess. Her strongest point is her sleeping habit, she could sleep anywhere: in the car, in her room, in a tent, on her stroller...and even on a baby backpack! Could you imagine all the vacation possibilities we could do with her?

On beauty: She's becoming more and more tan (or is it because of sunburn?) and was glad to see her picture where I saw a little ressemblance to me. PS: We're both wearing a sunblock cream.

She had her 2nd tooth, the left central incisor last May 27, at 6 months and 3 weeks old. She also started eating meat, like ham or chicken. Food diversity is never a problem for her...except for one important thing - she doesn't drink water! Orange zest added on water solves the problem temporarily. We will try to lessen the quantity little by little till she accepts to drink plain water. That will be our objective this summer.
Life is like a stone, it's hard ;)
Louna on the go: with Mommy and Daddy, we headed down south to spend our 4-day weekend. We camped for 2 nights in Collioure then moved to Barcelona afterwards.
I've learned more things about Louna during this travel.

I've learned that she's afraid of the water (or the cold temperature) when I tried to dip her feet into the sea. She automatically pulled her feet up to avoid the water and cried her heart out as if begging me not to do it again.
I know that she could climb mountains without being grouchy. She just loves to watch the beautiful scenery before her eyes, regardless of her uncomfortable position on the backpack.
She's got high potentials to be a party people. This little vagabond has kept her big eyes wide open during our nocturnal visit at Barcelona. She was even happily shouting inside the bus on our way home at pass midnight. Nope, she did not have that famous 1-liter glass of beer...


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