4th Month

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samedi, mars 11, 2006

Our little Louna is 4 months old now. She starts to grab her toys infront of her and became even more curious. It seems that she's more interested to people rather than objects, which is quite normal. She's also fascinated by the television, by the moving images passing before her observative little eyes.

On to her new discoveries: if you hold her two hands, she would surely pull herself up. It's either she wants to do her favorite exercise to tone her abdominal muscles up, or she wants to be in your arms. Take your pick. She finally realized that it's better to stay in her parent's arms rather than stay alone in her play pen, especially at night. Yes, she's developing a bad habit. Or are we developing a bad habit? But anyway, she's far from being a bad girl..

End of 4th month announces another dose of her two vaccins. As always, it went impeccably well. Click the video and accompany Louna to her Pediatrician (warning: Louna at her most daring role in her latest movie - Two Vaccins No Cry):

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Wanna have an idea of Louna's weight and height evolution? Check the graph and follow little Miss Philippines' growth. At 7.5 kg and 67.5 cm on her 4th month, she's exceptionally tall for her age.

(First graph = weight. Second graph = height. Third graph = head circumference)

There you go. Ciao for now..

PS: Marunong yay nan mamalutput.

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