2nd Month Visit

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vendredi, janvier 06, 2006

Today is Louna's 2nd month visit. What marks this visit is that she had 2 vaccins at the same time: Pentavac and HBVax 5 for Hepatitis B. Pentavac, as it's name implies, is a 5-in-1 vaccin for diphtérie, tétanos, coqueluche, poliomyélite and haemophilus influenzae B. These 2 vaccins will be repeated for her next 2 visits to the pediatrician.

Louna was amazingly calm inspite of the 2 vaccins, thanks to the patch which served as an anaesthesia. That truly worked!

Louna now weighs 5.7 kg and measures 61 cm. Her head diameter is now 38.5 cm. She's actually big for her age. She could be mistaken for a 4 month kid. That's how big she is.

Now, at 2 months, let me show you her different facettes...

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