End of School Year 2010-2011

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jeudi, juillet 14, 2011

Finally! Louna ends her preschool year with good grades (Maternelle - Grande Section). Though she needs to be stimulated from time to time since she seems to be easily distracted, not paying attention and off to dream land most of the time, the big girls seems to do exercises correctly once explained clearly. I think she improved a lot when we told her to listen carefully to her teacher. Sometimes, simple instructions from parents could do the trick.
Kyla on the other hand started to express herself more freely at school. At first, the teacher and her assistant were eager to hear the sound of her voice since she didn't utter a single word at school. I'm proud that she made it up to school end - she's not even 3 years old!
The girls were particularly proud during the school festivities, they've got special visitors ;)
Next chapter would be in the Philippines. Louna's already inviting everybody to go to Manila telling them that's it's so easy to go there: take a taxi, then the train, then the plane, another taxi and you're there. She also has her own plans now, she told her aunt that during short vacations, we will stay in the Philippines. And during long vacations, we will visit other countries. This girls, while playing, is actually listening to her parents' conversion, no doubt!

The Preschoolers Love School!

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samedi, janvier 29, 2011

Kyla who started preschool early this year is now well adapted to school routines. In the morning, upon arriving at school, she would remove her winter coat and hang it on its designated place. Then she runs (yes, not walk, run!) to the school room, takes her name and picture card and hangs it on the dashboard. All that without a goodbye kiss and without looking back at her mom.

Louna on the other hand is gathering a lot of "smiles" at school. She still is innocently inloved with Adam and is stealing him a kiss in every occasion. Louna was promoted to "grande section" in her English class so she now takes her lessons with kids from 6-8 years old. With this change, she's obliged to leave Adam behind but the proud girl is just too proud that she ignores Adam at school and the poor Adam just contents himself by looking at her at the corner of his eyes. Kids!

The Little Preschooler

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jeudi, janvier 13, 2011

Early bird catches the worms. Kyla understood this saying early. At 2 years and 3 months old, she bravely starts preschool!