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lundi, décembre 05, 2005

Louna's umbilical cord fell last November 24, her supposed birth date. It was the day when the first snow of winter 2005 fell down in Dijon too. Isn't that a good coincidence?

15 days after birth, Louna started to regain her initial weight. The pediatrician who attended to her remarked that she seemed older than her age, the way she moved her head. She's full of energy!

At almost a month, Louna could finish a 120 ml bottle and could sleep 6 hours straight at night. She's being breastfed during the day and bottlefed at night. She's gaining weight progressively and becoming more and more attentive to things around her.

She particularly loves going out. She hates it when she has wet diapers. She cries when she's got air in her stomach. She farts like her mom. She loves her bath but not the procedure before and after that. She looks more and more like her dad.

Particularity: She could hold her head upright since 2nd day!

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