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dimanche, avril 03, 2005

I've been reading the book 'Naître' even before I got pregnant and precise informations and pictures are listed that I could follow the development of my future buddy as we stride along together day by day.

Here are some interesting facts that all mothers should have known. And now, it's my turn:

8th day after ovulation - Arrival of the fertilized ovule in the uterus. Great traveller huh!

15th day - The brain. Nerve cells are now formed. Some experts says that this is the start of a new life as these nerve cells allows perception and expression.

22nd day - His heart starts to beat. And oh my, it pumps twice faster than mine. Kaya ba ako laging pagod?

Ok, i'll stop here. I'm actually reading the book in the same rhythme as my pregnancy. O di ba, every week, I could follow what's new with my future buddy.

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